About Us

Hello! Our store, Lizzie Diana's, was founded in 2012 by two college-bound girls: Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Kelly Diana (Diana). We sell handmade, re-purposed, and thrifted fashions. Together, we scour craft stores and Goodwills to find the materials used to make our unique, affordable, and vintage-styled clothing and jewelry.

After meeting in marching band our freshman year, we became inseparable and bonded over our band nerdiness and sleepovers. We are the best of friends and share a love of music, fashion, and shopping. Oftentimes we can be found on Pinterest, shopping at Goodwill, or doing photo shoots for our blog.

Now that we have both graduated from high school, we are away at college earning our degrees. Lizzie is working on becoming an editor/publisher, and Diana is earning a degree in Psychology with hopes of one day working with children. Though we are now separated for a large portion of the year, we are still as close as ever, and when we are home on breaks we enjoy seeing each other as frequently as possible!

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