July 24, 2014

North Carolina in Instagram Photos

Family vacation is something that I appreciate more and more the older I get. Maybe it's because I know that in just two or three years, family vacations might not be the same anymore. Growing up certainly has its downsides... But it can make you appreciate things you really used to barely tolerate. Driving hours and hours never seemed worth getting to see new places and have some serious family time; the drive doesn't seem nearly as bad now that I'm 20.

Two weeks ago, I was relaxing, reading, and soaking up the sun on Lake Hiawasse in North Carolina. NC is an absolutely beautiful state, with lots of mountains, waterfalls, and greenery. Beautiful places make me happy, so I thought I'd share the pictures I took on my iPhone while I was there. Enjoy!

As you can see, we spent a lot of time on the lake. 

Keep an eye out for some new things coming to LD's!


All photos taken on an iPhone 4s and edited with VSCOcam, Afterlight, Snapseed, and Instagram apps.

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