May 19, 2014

Light Box DIY

Hey guys! I am really excited to share this DIY with you today! A light box is a photography tool that results in beautiful, clean, and bright looking photos and is basically an essential for taking professional-looking product photos. Buying them can get pretty pricey, as they usually range from $80 and up. However, making one is both affordable and easy. I made mine in 30 minutes and spent no money! I was inspired by a tutorial by Flax and Twine, but I thought her instructions left out a few things, so this is my own take on it.

Here's how to make your very own photography light box.

You will need...
Cardboard box (preferably a fairly large one)
Craft knife
Clear tape (packing tape works best)
White tissue paper
White poster board

1. Cut the flaps off your box. If it has flaps, that is. Mine didn't.

2. On three of the four sides of the box, cut out a rectangle of cardboard, leaving a 1 inch border all the way around. 

3. Trim your poster board to fit into the box. Cut it long enough to where it curves towards the back. You don't want any corners that create shadows. 

4. Attach poster board to box. I used Duct Tape in the pictures, but after using the box one time, it came untaped. I suggest using glue.

5. Tape a square of tissue paper to ever cut out rectangle. Be careful, it rips easily. Try to make it as smooth as possible.

When you are done, it should look like this! There you have it, a simple and thrifty light box. 

I tested it out, and the results were pretty amazing. Take a look at the two pictures below.

The lighting is only slightly improved because I was shooting  in a bright room, but look how much more professional the bottom picture is. No distracting background; the focus is solely on the spools of thread because there is literally nothing else to look at. 

I am so pleased with the results. Taking pictures of products for our store will now be so much easier, and the end results will be so much more professional. 

I strongly encourage any of you who love photography to make one; it's an easy way to improve one's shots without hardly any effort. 


What do you think of Lizzie's latest DIY? Think you'll make one yourself? Have any other thrifty photography tips to share? Leave us a comment! :)

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