March 4, 2014

Fabric Covered Books DIY

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I have been in DIY mode recently because I have been working on all kinds of projects for my apartment. I will soon be sharing the two big ones I've been hinting about for a month now, but today I thought I'd share a DIY that only takes 10 minutes. I got my inspiration from blogger Two Twenty One, however, her technique was a little too time consuming for my tastes. Here is my rendition of how to make these pretty fabric covered books!

You will need...
Hardback books (I got mine out of a free box at a local used bookstore)
Fabric (the $2 quilting packs at JoAnn's work great for this)
Spray adhesive (I used Elmer's)
Butter knife
Hot glue gun

1. Lay book out on fabric. I highly suggest ironing your fabric before you do this. (As you can see from this picture, I did not; I sadly do not have an iron.) Also, I suggest laying down newspaper, because the glue will get everywhere.

2. Spray one side and the spine with your spray adhesive. Don't go wild; aim for a light, even coating and you will do just fine. Set it firmly down on the fabric where you want it and smooth out any wrinkles. I suggest leaving about 1-inch borders all the way around, just to be safe. Press the fabric into the grooves on either side of the spine.

It should look something like this once you flip it over. It's okay if the fabric isn't sticking as well to the side of the spine that touches the cover you haven't sprayed yet. See how mine looks like it's peeling away a bit? Don't worry about it. It will get fixed.

4. Do the same to the other side. Once you have, this is a good time to trim the edges if you ended up with more than an inch on all sides. Or, if you like living on the edge, you can trim it down to 1/2 inch. I did, but that's just how I roll.

5. Cut slits on each side of the spine for both ends of the book. We'll get back to the spine later. If you already know what the butter knife is for, pat yourself on the back.

6. Grab your glue gun. Add a line of glue along the long edge of your book and fold the fabric over. Press down. Avoid burns.

7. Fold the corners over. Secure with a dot of hot glue. This step is optional, but it makes it look much neater and less like a first grader's project.

8. Now, add a line of hot glue along the two shorter edges and fold fabric over. Do for both covers.

9. Use the butter knife to gently slip the slits into the spine. Don't push too hard or you could break your binding. This shouldn't be too difficult.

It'll look nice and pretty like this when you're done!

Next, make a few more and use to decorate! I picked mostly cool colors because I love blue, but you could use any kind of color and pattern combinations. Also, as you can see in the picture, I left one book uncovered. I liked the color and thought it would mix things up a little.

By the way, this tutorial works with scrapbooking paper, too. The top book on the stack was made using a piece of scrapbooking paper. It's more difficult because you can't use just one piece; you have to cut a separate piece for each cover and the spine. But it is cheaper than fabric and the options for color and pattern are much larger.

A word on fabric: the quilting squares I'm taking about are the ones that are single packs. I think they are $2, and if you have a coupon (download their app, sign up for emails, or check their sale paper), you can get it for really cheap!



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