March 28, 2014

Celebrating Two Years!

Amazingly, another year has gone by since we created our blog and store. Can that even be possible? So much has changed since March last year. Our blog got a new look, we started selling products on our StoreEnvy shop, we had a fantastic summer photoshoot, Lizzie got crazy with cooking and added a Recipe section to our blog, new products, and Lizzie accomplished some pretty big DIY projects

As we did last year, we feel that we have a few words of thanks that we need to say:

To Emmy: You are probably our biggest follower! Thank you so much for reading ALL our posts and telling us when we misspelled things :)

To Kaela: You're still our favorite model! We wish we could see you more and are both incredibly thankful for your love and support. We hope you'll be a part of everything we do here for a long time.

To Corbett: Thanks for making sure Lizzie didn't kill herself with the power saw, haha. Also, thanks for being supportive of our blog and giving us shoutouts!

To Honor: We are both appreciative of your occasional suggestions and are always glad to hear new ideas! Thanks for sending ideas to us on Pinterest and liking our posts on Facebook, haha.

And finally, thank you to everyone who has liked, followed, repinned, and retweeded us. Spreading the word is the most helpful thing you could possibly do for us. Every day we get more pageviews, and every month we have more likes and followers. Keep the support coming, and know we appreciate every bit of it!

Lizzie and Diana

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