March 9, 2014

Antiquing Adventure... March '14

As a person naturally drawn to thrift stores and old things, it's no wonder that I could be content in an antique store all day long. The same principles in thrifting apply in antiquing: the thrill of the hunt, scoring things for good prices, and finding things that could be perfect with just a little TLC. However, the investment is slightly more than the investment in thrifting, and the best deals are often on furniture rather than knick-knacks, so I rarely buy anything when I visit an antique store. When I'm older and have a house where I can put furniture and have room for whole sets of dishes, I might let loose with my money a little more frequently. But until then, I am content to just enjoy looking. 

Last weekend, my cousin, boyfriend, and Corbett (who you have already met) went shopping in a great antique store in a small town near campus. We had a lot of fun yelling "LOOK AT THIS!" and I got in some great practice using manual on my new camera. Totally a win-win.

Here are some of the best things we spotted!

First was this precious little tea cup! As you will realize after reading this post all the way through, I really like things with ships on them. Ships have been a love of mine since childhood, and for the longest time Treasure Island was my favorite book.

My cousin, Honor, found this gorgeous silver dish. I don't know what it was used for, but the details were so pretty. I bet it could be polished up nicely, but I kind of like the tarnished look.

See? Already another ship item. This is a doorstop! Things were so much more detailed back then. I would love to have this on my future porch.

Here's something that we actually bought! Corbett loves sailing too, and he has hopes to one day build a sailboat. Until then, he is content making stringed instruments; however, this book still got him excited. It's a 1945 Sea Scout Manual and has all kinds of information on sailing. He was totally willing to pay $6 for it.

Every time I go to Goodwill, I keep an eye out for anything Jadeite. I love the vintage look of Jadeite pieces and the color is gorgeous, too. I have no idea what these chickens are supposed to be used for, but the orange juicer is adorable!

Ah, a combination of my favorite color with my bottle obsession. It's like they set up this vignette just to ensnare me. I especially love the fish bottle and the teal one in the back on the right.

My favorite dish designs from the 50s/60s are definitely the atomic patterns. It's also something I'm on the constant lookout for while thrifting. The abstract shapes are usually blue or green, so that may make me like them more than anything else, but I also love their spunky patterns. They're just so fun!

Diana is probably drooling right now. She loves old bikes and yellow. This vintage Schwinn bike was in amazing condition! My bike back home is close to this color and it made me really miss my bike and all the summer bike rides I usually go on.

Vintage Pyrex casserole dishes with unique patterns are always a great find! I had never seen this pattern before. These were $14 for the pair, but they didn't have their lids. If they had, I probaly would have scooped them up.

I've been looking online and in thrift stores for pretty tins recently. I really would like to have an herb garden in my apartment and I think my herbs would look fantastic planted in some vintage tins! These were sadly not even close to my price range, but they were still nice to look at.

So, how'd I do using manual? It was actually a really great place to practice because the lighting was constantly changing, especially when we went down in to the basement. I think I've gotten the hang of it. 


Love antiquing? Think Lizzie saw some great things last weekend? Think she should have bought those two casserole dishes? Leave us a comment below!


  1. You should have bought those two casserole dishes...
    Love, Emmie


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