May 20, 2013

Late Spring 2012 Flashback

Lizzie again.

Just a continuation of posting our earliest photoshoots that were never posted on our blog! This one is from late spring of 2012, again starring Darry and Kaela.

Just a little info about this shoot:

1) Diana did this originally as a shoot for a design project; she had to create an article for a fashion magazine. So one day during study hall we got all dressed up and walked to the practice football field behind our school (odd place for a shoot, yes, but it was so pretty back there!).

2) We are all wearing thrifted clothing! Darry's skirt is completely unaltered and straight from Goodwill. My skirt is also a Goodwill find, but I altered it quite a bit to make it a hi-low. Kaela's vest is from Goodwill as well. It was originally a jean jacket, but Diana cut the sleeves off to make an adorable jean vest! Also, I'm pretty sure Diana got Kaela's dress at a garage sale... We are just so darn thrifty.

3) All the accesories are inexpensive, too. The hat is from Walmart, my belt is from Claire's, and Kaela's necklace is from Forever 21.

4) This shoot took 2 days! The lighting didn't turn out very well on the first day so we decided to give it another go.

5) We found the desk I'm sitting in (and that Darry is sitting in in our early spring shoot) in some bushes. Pretty awesome. It made for a great prop! The flower bushes also made a great backdrop. And fun crowns :)

6) The reason there are no pictures of Diana is because she was the one always behind the camera! Occasionally we got the camera for her, but all the pictures we took just didn't turn out. So know that she was there and not ignored!

So there you have it! I hope you all enjoy these beautiful pictures. Again, Diana and I are so thankful for our gorgeous friends!


Early Spring 2012 Flashback

Lizzie here.

I have been sorting through the DOZENS of pictures that were taken last spring for a few editing projects I've been working on (like our new blog banner!) and I realized those pictures never made it onto our blog... Because our blog hadn't been made yet!

ANYWAYS, I decided I should post them. They are absolutely stunning. Diana and I have been so blessed to have gorgeous friends willing to be models for us! Spring of 2012 was a time full of Darry and Kaela, that's for sure!

So enjoy! Photo cred goes mainly to Diana. Also, check out our photoshoot board on Pinterest!

 {Top to bottom: Darry, Diana, Kaela, Diana and Kaela, Darry}