March 28, 2013

Celebrating One Year!

Today, March 28th, marks the anniversary of the creation of Lizzie Diana's! One year ago today, a dear friend of ours came up with the name in our study hall. "Lizzie Diana's," she said. "Sounds like you guys should have a boutique!" And so we started one.

We have had such an amazing time running Lizzie Diana's, from photoshoots to making jewelry, scouring Goodwill to goofing off in the dressing rooms. Running a business with your best friend is really an amazing thing to do. We highly suggest it.

Just a few words of thanks that need to be said:

To Darry: Thank you so much for coming up with our name! And thanks for being such a great model!

To Mikaela: You are an amazing model, and a wonderful friend to us both :) We are so grateful for your lovely attitude, and you are such a joy to be with! We both hope you continue to help and support us through out our next year!

To Emily: We are thankful for your photography skills and willingness to model our products. You are so gorgeous and supportive!

To Becca: Our other third. Thank you so much for helping us. You've modeled our products, you've repinned our pins, and you've been so sweet, even though you thought it was a silly idea from the start :P We miss you!

And finally, thank you to everyone that has liked, repinned, followed, and retweeted us. Spreading the word is the most helpful thing you could possibly do for us. Every day we get more pageviews, and every month we have more likes and followers. Keep the support coming, and know it is all appreciated and not taken for granted!

Lizzie and Diana

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